Geotechnical Drilling

Mineral Investigations

Environmental drilling


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​- Type I, II, and III Well Installation/Abandonment

- Auger/Soil Test Borings 
- Large Diameter Rotary Drilling 
- Decontamination Protocols 
​- Investigation-Derived Waste Handling 
- DTH Air Hammer 
- Laboratory Quality In-Situ Sampling

​- Ability to conduct sampling activities in a wide variety of locations (inside warehouses, off road locations, roadways, and other limited access locations).
- Collection of soil and groundwater samples from multiple locations within one borehole
- Injection of in-situ remediation chemicals
- Installation of pre-pack monitoring well (up to 2" ID PVC)

​- Auger/Soil Borings
- Rock Coring 
- In-Situ Sampling (SPT, UD, Pitcher, Dension, Packer) 
- Piezometer and Inclinometer Installation 
- Geophysical Boreholes
- Investigation-Derived Waste Handling 
- Hollow Stem Auger 
- Mud Rotary/Wash Drill Boring 
- Borehole Grouting
- Air Hammer

​- Angle Hole Capabilities

​​​​- Rock Coring for existing rock quarries 

​- Exploration drilling for potential rock quarries 

- Accurate core sample depths and boring logs (Recovery & RQD)

​- Sizes from NQWL to PQWL

- Depths up to 600 feet below ground surface 

-  Various techniques available for rock, sand, and kaolin mines